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Inceptive Custom Software Solutions is a small software development company devoted to improving lives through the power of well-built software. I work with other small businesses to automate their processes, increase profits through improved worker efficiency, and reduce the soul-eating tedium of boring workflows.

I'm based in Kearney, Nebraska, but I work with companies all over the world. Not local to me? Not a problem!

How It Works


The first thing we'll do together is a Roadmapping session. This is important for us to determine what problems need to be solved, what problems don't need to be solved, the best solutions to be used, and whether we're a good fit to work together on those solutions. You'll walk away with a document laying out exactly how to solve your problems, as well as what that will cost.

Over the years that I've been building solutions for businesses, I've determined that every project needs to have this roadmapping session. Leaving it out has always resulted in a project that wasn't exactly what the client needed, took longer than expected, and was more expensive to produce than anyone expected.


Once we've constructed a roadmap based on your unique business needs, we can start actually building your solution. This could be as simple as setting up an integration with Google Docs, or it could be a full-blown webapp. It all depends on what's best for your business. Sometimes you don't need a giant unified CMS, you just need to connect point A to point B.


Unfortunately, software doesn't live in a vacuum. Business processes change. Servers need updating. Web browsers and Operating Systems change how they work. Bugs pop up. Your solutions will need long-term support, and I have a long track record of doing just that for dozens of companies.

Next Steps

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