Current and Past Projects

These are a good representation of what we can accomplish together for your business.

EZpers is a custom CRM for PERS companies. Originally built for a single company to improve their operations, it proved so useful that it's now being used by companies all over the US.

It handles just about everything that such companies need:

  • Customer data entry
  • Inventory tracking
  • Invoicing and automated billing (ACH, Credit Card, and Medicaid claim submission)
  • Call center integrations (pushing and pulling customer data updates)
  • Email reminders for users and installers
  • Reporting
    • Finances (paid and unpaid invoices, payment tracking, claim submission status)
    • Customer turnover
    • Alerting on unhandled work orders, past due invoices, and errors with call center integrations
  • Automated document generation customized for individual customer records

The software is so effective that it resulted in efficiency gains of 350% for one company:

  • The industry standard for PERS companies is that you need 1 office worker to manage every 500 customers.
  • Using EZpers, Home Buddy, LLC. was able to downsize from 7 employees to 2 employees while still managing over 4800 customers.

Being part of the medical industry, PERS companies also have to pay attention to HIPPA regulations. EZpers handles all such sensitive information securely, keeping it encrypted and decrypting it only temporarily when required.

This project is an excellent example of just how much a piece of dedicated software can improve operations by providing a central source of information and automating repetitive actions.

More information can be found on the EZpers homepage.

LICA-MedMan is a SaaS for managed care facilities. It provides personalized care plan document generation as well as facility policy templates based on industry guidelines and standards.

Document generation is a streamlined process, allowing users to select medications assigned to a resident and generate multiple care plan documents for staff members to use when caring for that resident.

Each document has information about the selected medications, while also being customized to what is needed for that particular document (a nurse administering drugs vs a physician ordering the selected drugs and giving special instructions about their use). Additionally, if the generated documents need to be modified beyond what the system provides, they're available in mulitple file formats for ease of manual editing by facility staff.

Facilities can sign up for a yearly subscription to the SaaS, being automatically locked out once their subscription period ends if they do not renew. The software allows multiple user logins to be created for each facility, allowing separate logins that can be managed and audited by facility IT personnel.

Projects like this can provide extreme time-savings to companies without requiring them to completely change all of their day-to-day processes to see those benefits.

Further information can be found at:

Torqueware is a piece of software used to support the operations of Altite Inc., a tool calibration company. It allows offline calibration data entry for a multitude of different tool types, verifies the data is within standard limits, and synchronizes that data to a central server where it can be immediately viewed by clients.

The key features here are:

  • Offline data entry and storage, with eventual server synchronization. This allows technicans to perform their calibrations at any site, regardless of how remote and off-grid, and have their work be uploaded as soon as they have a wifi connection.
  • Customized data gathering on an individual tool type basis (a pressure gauge measures differently than a torque wrench).
  • Data validation for adherence to tolerance specifications. This helps ensure that even if a technican isn't paying enough attention to a particular data point, the tool still gets calibrated properly.
  • Automated calibration certificate generation and history. This is extremely important to prove that the tools in-use by a company are safe and adequately maintained throughout their service lifetime.

I was brought in on this project for maintenance and upgrades; I ended up touching every part of the codebase and implementing a number of significant upgrades to their systems, including a few longstanding hidden bugs that had escaped notice for years of active use.

BillMed was a micro-app that converted employee timesheet data into EDI medicaid claims files.

It was implemented for a company that provides services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Their staff would work with these individuals daily, and those hours could be billed to the state Medicaid program. However, regulatory requirements changed and instead of being able to bill out claims on a monthly basis they were required to bill on a weekly basis after services were performed.

Since the Medicaid program also had requirements for how much time could be billed for each client per day, per week, and per month, the result was a time-consuming process that was slowly killing the company because of how much money they were having to float and were going to lose if their claims weren't submitted on time.

The solution was a straightforward web application that would import a CSV file exported from their timesheet software, process it to determine what hours it could bill for each customer based on what had already been billed for them within the regulated time windows, and then generate an EDI claims file that could be uploaded to the state Medicaid program for adjucation. It would also generate billing reports for administrative tracking.

This project is a good example of how a simple piece of software can save an enormous amount of time and improve cashflow for a company. In a very real sense, the company would have gone under in another 3 months if they hadn't commissioned BillMed to streamline their operations in the face of regulatory changes.

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